How Does Hire a Student Work for Students?

NOTE TO STUDENTS: This site is live but just went live. We are in the process of recruiting employers to post jobs here on this website. It is our expectation that the job boards for students on this website will not be fully populated until January 1, 2020. Until then, feel free to search for & apply for jobs now but know we expect considerably more jobs posted by then. Therefore please be sure to come back often!

We built this website and job board because we’ve heard from so many area college and high school students (and employers for that matter) that the well known but national job boards are too complex. This is a job board website dedicated to students and employers in the Greater Boston area. From the college junior seeking that awesome internship to the sophomore in high school looking for 12 hours a week as a gas station attendant, Hire a Student is for you. We launched this service in May 2019. As noted above we expect this job board to fully populated by January 1, 2020. To be crystal clear, you can be a student living anywhere in the world to apply for a job posted on this website. It is only the employers (the organizations looking to hire students) that must be located within the Greater Boston area.

This job board is for students who seek part time work, internships (paid & unpaid), temporary work (as in for one or two weeks to three months), summer positions and odd jobs. At times there may be employers who seek to hire students in positions that allow them to work from home (called telecommuting). We only allow real job postings on Hire a Student. In the future we will allow students (18 years old or older) the option to upload their resumes on to our website for employers to consider (a directory of student resumes for employers). This will of course be completely optional.

Please tell all your friends about We will post informative and entertaining content about being a student in Boston in the near future.

This job board for students is limited to employers located within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For those that don’t know, an employer is the person or company that is seeking to hire employees.

To be crystal clear it is only employers that have to be from Massachusetts. Though intended for students, anyone on the planet can apply for a position on Hire a Student.

How Can Students Search For and Apply For Jobs

Students can search for jobs via 3 primary search tools/techniques. Students can search via:


Incidentally it is a wonderful time to be a student looking for a job. Unemployment (meaning the number of adults/grown-ups without a job) is at a historic low in the country as a whole but even lower in the Greater Boston area. Employers have become ever more sophisticated in the way they recruit employees. Simply put some employers go to great lengths to make positions flexible. Students of course, at times, have to study for exams and then at times students are on vacations. Some of the more savvy employers will encourage their traditional adult employees to take their vacations while schools are on vacation so college and high school students looking for work can fill that void.

What Types of Jobs Are Posted for Students?

Part Time – These are generally 4 to 20 hours week to week & month to month ongoing jobs with an employer that pay students on a per hour basis. Part time jobs are a great way for students to make some extra money. Part time jobs also allow a student to start building a network and more importantly a resume of ongoing successes. Whether a student works as a bus boy, as a cook at McDonalds or becomes a part time supervisor of adults for a trucking company, future employers will always favor students with real world experience. Employers also take less risk when they hire a student that is known to have already been trained in basic customer skillsets.

Summer Traditional – These are generally jobs that pay you on a per hour basis over the coming summer. Jobs in this category, generally speaking, start when the local public-school systems end the school year (usually mid to late June) though employers may need to train you for one or two weeks before the “summer” begins. A textbook example of such a job on Hire a Student would be a summer camp counselor. More sophisticated employers also hire students over the summer to cover for their customary full-time employees who, generally speaking, take their vacations over the months of June, July & August.

Summer Internships (Paid) and (Unpaid) – Summer internships, generally speaking, are primarily for college students working full-time (40 hours per week) for an employer (either paid or unpaid) that specializes in their respective concentration at their college or university. For example, a college student majoring in accounting would seek a paid internship at a small local or multi-thousand person international accounting firm. Summer internships may also be for small organizations with limited budgets to pay interns like a political campaign. Whether paid or unpaid, internships allow students to gain valuable real-world experience in their respective field of study. Successful internships are usually a major competitive advantage for the student when they are about to graduate college and seek that very first “real job.”

School Year Internships (Paid) and (Unpaid) – School year internships are, generally speaking, quite similar to summer internships except that school year internships are not full time. School year internships may require the student to work 8 – 20 hours per week over the entire school year. The benefits of an internship during the school year otherwise are exactly the same. We will say it 100 times. Internships in a specific field of expertise have always been highly regarded by future employers.

Freelance. Freelance jobs are generally positions that allow the student to work from home. Freelance should not be confused with telecommuting. Any telecommuting position on Hire a Student is generally a part time job that is performed from home. Freelance jobs would be tasks done either at the employer or at home but are paid upon completion of a deliverable. A good example of a freelance position would be painting a picture to be shown in a lobby or building a website. Generally speaking, we discourage college and high school students from accepting freelance jobs. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. That being said we can assure you we prohibit “get rich quick” schemes disguised as freelance positions on

Temporary. Temporary jobs are just as they sound…jobs for a temporary period of time. A temporary job may be 40 hours per week for one week or maybe 12 hours per week for up to three months. The idea is the job is only for a fixed period of time. In the “real world” a textbook temporary job would be perhaps to cover for an employee that is on vacation for one week or to cover for a person out for 3 months on maternity leave. We do not expect many “temporary” jobs will be posted for students on However, if there are temporary positions close to home the employer will generally, but not all the time, but generally pay at a higher rate per hour because it is important the employer fill the vacancy or need. Temporary jobs are a great way to “show your stuff” and reveal to the employer your value as an employee. Doing a great job as a temporary employee can lead to additional work after the term of the temporary job ends.