Take Advantage of Our Pricing


To use our Plus package as an example, for $8 you may post 10 jobs on this website over the next 180 days. Whenever you post a job, it will then remain active on our website also for 180 days. You could post your 10th job on this website 180 days from now and it would then remain active for the next 180 days (practically covering you for an entire year).

How Hire a Student Works for Employers

For employers we provide a direct channel to students in the Greater Boston area. To post a job on our job board you must be an employer with a primary place of business within Massachusetts. Hire a Student just went live and specifically targets students (college and high-school) via Google Adwords (including YouTube), Instagram, ShapChat and Facebook ads. You’ve probably seen our narrated 3D character animation style video advertisements (see below). Our job board is simple and specific. College & high school students can search for open positions using a number of parameters. You understand that though we only allow employers from Massachusetts to post open positions on our website, there are obviously no restrictions on where a student can live to apply for your job.

Because we launched this website in May 2019, we are still in the process of getting our name out to area employers. To get area employers to post jobs on our website we have drastically reduced our listing fees by about 80% from what will be our standard pricing effective January 1, 2020. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this introductory pricing. We will invest $1,000’s every month promoting our job board to local students on social media beginning September 1, 2019. Your job posting will be seen by hundreds of Boston area students…and probably dozens & dozens of students living in or bordering your town. Your job is  pins via 

To advertise an open position on www.hireastudent.net you must first create an account (which is free to do so). Once you have created an account simply go to Employers ——> Post a Job, pick which package and populate the requested information for the specific job. As noted, you may purchase “packages” of jobs to post. It is simple and intuitive. Your job will be posted immediately. You will then have an “Account” with Hire a Student and access to our dashboard allowing you to manage all your orders, applicants, edit/make changes, show as filled etc. We obviously require you to agree to our terms and conditions (which are basically “keep it clean”).

Below you can watch two of the simple yet engaging animated videos we will aggressively promote on social media to students beginning September 1, 2019 (and maybe much sooner once we have enough jobs listed on our job board/website). Incidentally, you can order a narrated 3D character animation (you even provide the narrative…you tell the characters what to say) like this on www.newstoons.net for less than $50. Come back soon as we will post other engaging animated video to target to students on Google Adwords (including YouTube), Instagram, SnapChat & Facebook (again we will promote on Facebook so student’s parents will hopefully suggest their kids check us out). We strongly encourage you to order our Silver or Gold postings soon. Enjoy the videos below.


Once you have posted a job it will appear on our website immediately. However, a human being reviews each and every new job posting to be sure it complies with our terms and conditions. We encourage you to read our (9 page) terms and conditions but we can summarize our terms and conditions in seven words. “Keep it clean and post real jobs” (no advertisements). We have never rejected a post on any of our websites due to inappropriate content (because then we’d have to return your fee which we’d rather not do) so use common sense and you won’t be the first.

Student candidates may submit an application via our online portal but we also allow you to provide an email address or alternate website destination where students can apply to your job directly (outside of the Hire a Student channel). At the moment students do not have to “create an account” to review job postings or apply for a position. Some students today prefer not to “create accounts” & keep job applications to simple email.

You should take a moment and review job postings from other employers for an idea of what your post will look like. We provide ideal dimensions for media (such as logos, pictures & video) you may attach with your job posting.

Lastly, please call us if you are interested in sponsoring some job coaching workshops we will hold in the future to help students with the job application process. For example we will teach students how to write a resume & cover letter and demonstrate simple interviewing skills. Call us at 781-708-1255.

Employers must have a primary place of business within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.