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This is a job board for students in the Greater Boston area.

Hire a Student is a job board for employers located in the Greater Boston area (inside Route 495) seeking college and high school students for part-time, summer, internships, temporary and freelance positions. From internships at accounting firms to babysitters to cashiers to summer camp counselors, these jobs are ideal for students looking to make money or start building that resume.

Simple search tools for students.

Students can search for a job by type, keyword, town and/or employer. We’ve invested in the best search tools and keep it simple. Search, find and apply for jobs by type of position (part-time, summer, internship etc.) directly from your mobile device or desktop. We even provide you tools so you can manage all of the jobs you have applied to from our convenient dashboard (for those who create an account, which is completely optional). We challenge you to find a simple job board like ours for students.

No, as in zero, clutter nor distractions!!!

You will not find any commercials, banner ads nor other distractions on this website. Again and for the third time, this website is a simple job board for college & high school students living in the Greater Boston area. That is all we do. It is also quite affordable for Boston area employers. We make it easy for our employers as well as students living in Greater Boston. These are real jobs for real students. You won’t find any “make money from home” schemes or the like.

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